About Femasys
A biomedical company that is woman-founded and led
with an unwavering commitment to develop innovative solutions for women worldwide.
Mult-billion dollar global market

Multi-billion dollar global market opportunities in reproductive health.

First of kind solutions

First-of-its-kind solutions for permanent birth control and infertility.

Significant Infrastructure

Significant infrastructure, including CMC and device manufacturing.


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Board of Directors

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Transforming women's healthcare with minimally invasive, non-surgical, in-office product technologies providing significant clinical impact to address severely underserved areas.

Positioning to become a leading company in the women’s healthcare space with solutions to address multi-billion dollar global opportunities.

  • Woman-founded and led with a team of experienced biotechnology and medical device developers.
  • Expansive, internally created intellectual property portfolio with over 100 patents globally.
  • In-house chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC), and device manufacturing capabilities.*
  • Proven ability to develop and commercialize products.
  • Address several large global market segments in which there has been little advancement for many years.
  • In-office solutions that avoid surgery, permanent implants and hormones that can expose women to harm.
  • Disruptive product designs to grow market segments that are safe and effective.

*Femasys has developed and implemented the infrastructure required to manufacture and distribute finished medical devices, including a robust medical device quality management system which meets the requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Quality System Regulation, and is certified to MDSAP and ISO 13485:2016.

Many women, who spend an average of three years seeking to become pregnant and thirty years avoiding pregnancy, are not satisfied with the current methods for preventing unwanted pregnancies and achieving pregnancy.*

Current Market Opportunity

Over 13 million women are candidates for an in-office solution for permanent birth control.

Over 9 million women struggling with infertility are candidates for a less costly and less invasive solution.