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Our Vision

Femasys is working to provide next generation advancements to disrupt severely under-served areas in women’s health. Technological advancements in female reproductive health are long overdue, driving our focus in front-end and permanent birth control.

Company highlights


We positively impact women’s lives by providing innovative technologies that are safe, natural, and minimally invasive.


We believe women are in the best position to know what women need. Kathy Lee-Sepsick is the founder and lead inventor of all Femasys’ technologies.


Safety is the biggest driver of our decision-making process, because we believe women deserve the highest standards of care.


President and Chief Executive Officer (Founder)

Board of Directors

President and Chief Executive Officer (Founder)
Chairperson of the Board, Nominating Corporate Governance Chair, Compensation Chair

Hear CEO & President Kathy Lee-Sepsick and KOL Dr. Blumenthal discuss the need for more options on the horizon for women